In this 12 part online education series we will explore a new ecosystem, and a new earthen art-form.  In each segment you will learn about the ecosystem we are visiting. I will talk about the history of the natural medicines, folk art, and human impact of the system,  the detriments it faces, and potential reparative or protective actions that can be taken in its interest. You will learn how to use a botanical key to identify plants, and how to use botanical and earthen elements in a variety of creative and healing mediums. Throughout the course, you will be learning about the ethnobotanical history of various eco-systems while learning how to identify botanicals you may want to use for medicine, food, and art. In every month of this course, you will be asked to practice the art of listening and communing with nature through heart centered consciousness.

The Art of Nature requires participation, comes with homework , and requires the acquisition of some tools. You will be asked to practice listening to nature, use a plant key to identify botanicals, research an eco-system, and to share these experiences by writing and speaking about them.

Each month you will receive a four-part video course, written notes and workbook to help you in the field and through each section of the course, full online support via email,  group webinars for dialog and questions, and the opportunity to attend a culminative retreat towards the end of the program.  


The monthly sections will occur as follows:

-Eco-system Introduction

-Botanical Identification Terminology and Examples

-Art Form Demonstration and Instruction

-Meditative Heart Perception Practice

This is an interactive, informative, and fun course series that you can engage in from home. 

I offer it with the hopes that it will not only connect you to nature and encourage you to make art, but that it will also equip you with useful methods of educating yourself about the areas you explore, and give you practical approaches to contributing to the protection and healing of the earth.


The Next Session will Run:

January - December 2018

Early Bird Registration ends on November 21, 2017.


EB Registration: $1050

Regular Registration: $1200

Quarterly Payment Option Available