Colors & Sizing


Juniperous dyes are made with ethichally cultivated and wild-harvested botanicals, and textiles are dyed in small-batches.  Colors may vary slightly depending on water sources and the geological and environmental conditions the plants were living in prior to harvest.   



Use the chart below to determine which size to order.

The chart shows the dress sizes that each lettered size fits best. 

Sizes are listed as follows: US (in) /EU(cm) 

Sizes are listed as follows: US (in) /EU(cm) 

Fit and Measuring

If you want your garment to fit more snugly than pictured, order the size to the left of your dress size. 

For example, if you are a size 2 and you want the garment to be tighter than pictured, order an XS, if you want the garment to fit as pictured order a size S .

Measure yourself and use the numbers table on the chart to determine which size is right for you, each measurement is listed in both inches (left) and cm (right).  

Keep in mind that these garments do not contain any spandex or synthetic fibers. They are 100% hemp and organic cotton fibers and are woven to have a fair amount of stretch. Your garment will stretch to fit your body and loosen slightly over multiple wares without washing. The fabric will bounce back to it's original form upon washing but will not shrink beyond it's original size as long as care instructions are followed. 

When measuring yourself follow these instructions for the best fit


Measure the fullest part of your bust around the largest part of your breasts and rib cage.


Measure the smallest part of your waist near your belly button.        


Measure the fullest part of your bottom and hips around the largest part of your butt and pelvis.



If you have questions about your measurements, or would like to order a custom size contact me !