Distance herbal consultations are now available! 


 Herbal consultations through Juniperous are focused on healing through strengthening personal relationship with the earth via herbalism, art, and heart conscious awareness practices.

A consultation will equip and empower you with information and tools for earth-oriented approaches to physical, emotional, and spiritual self-care. As a client you will learn about various perspectives of your personal constitution, and be given suggestions for practices that can help you bring yourself into balance through relationship with nature. Together we will explore possible lifestyle changes and herbal remedies, along with meditative, artistic, and spiritual practices, based on your individual state.     


Herbalist and artist Mattie Morton earned a bachelors degree in Fine Art from Montana State University, and has been trained in various forms of Herbal and Earth Medicine through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, Hill Botanical, and The Anima’ Botanical and Animal Sanctuary.


Mattie offers classes and consultations for deepening the connection between the self and the natural world through botanical and earthen arts, gardening, and herbal self-care. Through her work she strives to encourage people to strengthen and re-establish the practice of cultivating deep relationship with the earth.